Silvertip No. 95 Rope Halter with Clip

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: Burgundy/Tan


If you love the versatility of a rope halter but find constantly tying and untying a knot to be tedious, this is the Silvertip halter for you! A tried-and-true customer favorite for everyday use, this No. 95 rope halter is equipped with a no-tie halter clip. This ingenious halter clip allows you to adjust the halter once and then clip and unclip for easy on and off. Hand-tied with pride in the USA, this versatile design is made from one piece of rope securely knotted by our craftspeople who undergo special training in the age-old art of tying rope halters. Perfect for use during groundwork, lunging, leading and even under your bridle while riding your horse, you’ll find yourself reaching for this rope halter all the time.

Product Details

  • A best-seller in our Silvertip halter lineup, this No. 95 halter features a no-tie clip for easy on and off
  • Hand-tied from 5/16" polypropylene 16-strand diamond braided rope for all-around performance with a medium-firm feel
  • Pre-stretched rope helps ensure knots stay secure and the halter holds its shape for the long haul
  • Resists rot, mildew and abrasions for long life and durability
  • Exceptionally strong, one-piece construction
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Size: Average

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Hand-Tied with pride in the USA

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The Benefits

Easy on and off without the need to tie and untie a knot

Enduring Performance Poly rope construction resists mold, mildew and rot for long-lasting dependability

Medium-Firm Feel Made with care from 5/16 inches of poly rope that's perfect for everyday use

Extra Strong Hand-tied from one continuous piece of rope with no weak points that may break

Keeps Its Shape Rope is pre-stretched by our craftspeople, ensuring halter maintains its shape and the knots remain secure

Tying a Rope halter

For proper fit, adjust the halter so the rope from the throat knot runs under or behind the jawbone; not outside the jawbone.

Illustration about tying a Rope Halter

Silvertip halter sizing made easy

Available in 4 Options

Halter Only

Halter with 10' Lead

Halter with 12' Lead

Halter with Clip

Size Chart for Silvertip No. 95 Rope Halter
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