Affiliates Application Form

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Terms & Conditions

  • This program requires participants to be 18 years of age or older.
  • If you are under 18 years of age and selected to be an affiliate, a guardian’s signature/consent is required for the model who is under 18 to become an affiliate.
  • The program pricing is confidential and should not be disclosed.
  • The products that you purchase under this program are for your own household use, not extended family or friends.
  • You may not resell the products or allow anyone else to purchase products under your name, nor may you alter or obscure any logos on the products.
  • You are responsible for all sales, use, or value-added taxes associated with the products you purchase from us.
  • We reserve the right to limit the quantity of products purchased and rescind program benefits at any time and for any reason in our sole discretion.

If you accept these terms and conditions, please complete the application. We will respond to you within 2 business days of receiving your application.

Photo, Video & Media Terms & Conditions

For valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I hereby irrevocably confer on Weaver Leather LLC (hereinafter “Weaver”) all rights associated with any photographs, drawings, audio recordings, videos, or other representations in media whether currently known or developed in the future (hereinafter collectively “Media”) of my image, sound of my voice, likeness, or the image, sound, or likeness of my animal or property (hereinafter collectively “Likenesses”) that Weaver has taken or made and release Weaver from any liability whatsoever.

Without limiting the foregoing, Weaver shall have the right:

  1. to copyright any Media of Likenesses in Weaver’s name or any other name that Weaver may select;
  2. to change, alter or transform any Media of Likenesses; such right shall include (but not be limited to) the right to use any Media of Likenesses as part of a composite or collage, distort any photographs in character or form, or reproduce any Media of Likenesses in color or black and white;
  3. to use, reuse, publish, republish, exhibit, or distribute any Media of Likenesses for any purpose whatsoever, including (but not limited to) illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, presentations, courses, online/internet videos, media, and news/press; and
  4. to use my name and the name of my animal or property in connection with any Media of Likenesses.

I hereby relinquish any right that I may have to examine or approve the completed product or products or the advertising copy or printed or recorded matter that may be used in conjunction with any Media of Likenesses, or the use to which such Media of Likenesses may be applied.

I hereby release and discharge Weaver from any and all claims and demands related to the use of Media of Likenesses, including any and all claims for additional compensation, libel, invasion of privacy, or violation of the right of publicity and any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form, whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur in the creation of Media of Likenesses, or in any subsequent processing thereof, as well as in any publication thereof.

This authorization and release shall inure to the benefit of the members, directors, officers, employees, third-party contractors, legal representatives, licensees, assigns, and successors of Weaver. In the event that the model is an employee of Weaver (or otherwise affiliated with Weaver in any way), the model understands and agrees that this release will survive the termination of the employment relationship or the affiliation.