Bathing Made Easy

Let’s face it, if you have horses then you know you will have to bathe them eventually. Even if you don’t show, horses love rolling in mud and if you want to avoid spending hours of elbow grease currying mud from their coat, you’ll want a quick mud and dirt remover. If you do compete, you are all too familiar with the turmoil of getting up early on a show day to discover your horse rolled in poo during the night just after you already completed your “show prep." What will you do? As a horse lover, owner, competitor and trainer, I have tried countless different products and I can safely say that eZall® is one of the best tools I have in my arsenal.

What is eZall®?

eZall® is a time-saving bathing system that can be used on horses, dogs, cattle, sheep, goats, and any other animal you may find the need to keep clean. Starting out, I purchased the eZall® Starter Bathing Kit for horses which includes a eZall® Foamer, Nine-Position Rinse Attachment, Hose Nozzle and a 4 oz bottle of Total Body Wash Green concentrate. The beauty of this system is the ability to clean an animal in just a few short minutes. How, you ask?

How to Prepare your eZall® System

Assembling your eZall® system is extremely easy. See below for a demonstration:

  • Step #1 - Remove Lid

  • Step #2 - Choose a Meter Tip Based On Your Water Pressure

  • Step #3 - Attach Small End of Meter Tip To Hole In Bottom of Lid. Attach Skinny End of Suction Tube to Meter Tip

  • Step #4 - If using concentrated shampoo, add 1 part concentrate for every 3 parts water. If using non-concentrate shampoo, ONLY add desired amount of shampoo.

  • Step #5 - Replace Lid

  • Step #6 - Attach Spray Nozzle

  • Step #7 - Attach Hose

Tip #1: Test the strength of your spray away from your horse before the initial application.

Once you have your eZall® bathing kit assembled and your water source turned on, squeeze the trigger of the hose nozzle to release water into the foaming chamber. Frothy shampoo will be expelled out of the long side of the foamer. If you think the strength of your spray will scare your horse, relax your grip on the trigger or turn down your water source. If you find that your spray isn’t as frothy as you would like it, the eZall® kit comes with 3 different inside filter tips for variations in water pressure. The different tips will help you get the maximum use out of your shampoo.

Bathing Your Horse with eZall®

The main difference between using eZall® and bathing your horse with a conventional bathing method (wet, shampoo, scrub, rinse) is the process. With eZall® you do NOT wet your horse before application! You must be thinking that you read that wrong; you didn’t! When the water / shampoo mix is applied to a dry animal, it lifts dirt and dead skin away from the body eliminating the need for currying. If you wet your horse before using the foamer, the wet hair will mat down on the skin preventing the foamer from doing its job. Gone are the days of scrubbing your horse tirelessly!

Introducing your horse to bathing with eZall® is no different than a conventional bath; start spraying the foam down at the hooves moving slowly up the legs to let your horse acclimate to the water and foaming pressure. Once your horse is acclimated, spray away! Coat the horse in foam all over their body from head to tail, avoiding their eyes, ears and nostrils to eliminate discomfort. Once your horse is coated in the foam, let the solution set on the horse’s skin for about three to five minutes. Remember, there is no need to scrub!

After you have let the solution sit on your horse’s skin, remove the foamer from your nozzle and replace with the nine-position attachment and rinse completely. The shampoo is all-natural and plant based so it will not only be gentle on your horse’s skin but will leave it soft and shiny! Scrape off the excess water with a sweat scraper and you are all done!

Tip #2: To prevent injury, when using the eZall® system on horses for the first time or horses that are sensitive, have a buddy hold your horse instead of tying.

Going the Extra Mile – Conditioning

If you’re like me, you take pride in your horse’s appearance. Many people will give their horse a bath but completely forget to use conditioner in the mane and tail! Why?? I get it, there is nothing more frustrating than picking knots out of my horse’s mane and tail, but there is a better way. eZall®, the same brand that makes the shampooing system, also makes a Shine and Detangler. Just squirt a dime to quarter sized drop into your hand and run your fingers through the hair to quickly and easily remove tangles, then comb through normally for a beautifully kept mane and tail. After multiple uses you will notice your horse’s mane and tail will become fuller and stronger which is never a bad thing!

For the body, I use Show-n-Go Shine and Conditioner. This is a leave-in conditioner that leaves my horse’s coat soft, shiny and dust-free. This would be one of my top products to have in my show-bag or around the barn as a daily grooming tool because it will give your horse that lustrous healthy look without being too slick like other leave-on conditioners.

Show Ring Blues – Removing Spots Quickly

Another top pick in my show-ring arsenal bag is eZall’s Spot remover. Seriously, it’s a life saver. Imagine this, you are at a show and you leave your horse in the stall for less than ten minutes in between classes to grab a bite to eat. You come back to grab your horse and he’s laid down in manure. You don’t have time to wash and dry your horse before the next class so what do you do? This is when I would whip out the Spot Remover. Simply brush off any of the liquid or solid residue from the area, spray on the Spot Remover, use a sponge or brush to scrub the area throughout to create a lather. Let the lather sit on the skin for a few minutes to work its magic then use a clean towel or sponge to wipe off!

Barn Must Haves

Flies are inevitable, but finding an effective fly spray that isn’t harsh on skin, in my opinion, is almost as hard to find as a “bomb-proof” horse. One of my horses has very sensitive skin and is allergic to many of the common fly sprays on the market, so believe me when I say I have tried almost all of them. Because my horse’s coat flourished so much with the eZall® shampoo and conditioner line, I thought I would try the fly spray. I am so glad I did! The fly spray is made of a bunch of natural oils including citronella, cedar wood, cinnamon, and rosemary so it smells great but is also very gentle on the skin. I’ve noticed the flies and gnats have been staying a good distance away, so I am quite pleased!

Tip #3: eZall® has three types of shampoo types – original, total green and anti-allergen. Choose the right shampoo for your needs!

  • eZall® Shine & Detangler

  • eZall® Show-n-Go Shine & Conditioner

  • eZall® Spot Remover

  • eZall® Fly Spray

Don’t forget about Fido!

If you have horses, then more than likely you also have dogs. I have three dogs, one of which loves to roll in manure. I can’t tell you how many times a week I have to give him a bath. As you may be aware, giving your animal frequent baths can dry out their skin, therefore, it is really important to me to use shampoo that is not only strong enough to clean the manure off but will also nourish and restore the natural oils in his skin. The same eZall® Total Body Wash Green shampoo that I use on my horse, I can also use on my dog.

My dog is rather sensitive to the stream of the foamer, therefore, I like using the EZWash Wand with the EZWash Wand Shampoo Dispenser. To use, simply fill the dispenser with the shampoo, attach the dispenser to the wand and hose then start shampooing your dog with a gentle stream! Once your dog is shampooed, remove the dispenser from the wand and hose, reattach the wand and rinse! It is that simple!

Tip #4: You can also use the wand to wash off your truck, trailer, saddle pads, blankets, leg protection and more!