Learn With Brad Barkemeyer

Growing up on a Montana ranch, Brad started his first colt when he was 12. By the age of 14, Brad was training horses in different disciplines for the public. This early experience served him well throughout his career as a professional horseman and trainer. Brad has experienced success in American Quarter Horse, National Cutting Horse, National Reined Cowhorse, U.S. and World Series Team Roping Championship events. Today, Brad operates a family-owned horse training business, Bar B Performance Horses, where he sets the bar high for horses, people, and products.

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Grooming & Bathing Tips

Watch as professional horsemen, Brad Barkemeyer and colleague Corey Cushing, demonstrates his go-to techniques and products to get his horses show ready.

Grooming Steps Before Riding

eZall® Total Body Wash Green is Perfect for Shows

How to Apply Weaver Leather Shine & Detangler to a Horse

Rope Halter Tips

Professional horseman, Brad Barkemeyer, discusses the benefits, styles and fit when using rope halters.

How to Decide Whether to Use a Rope Halter or a Nylon Halter

How to Tie a Lead to a Rope Halter

How To Fit and Tie a Silvertip Halter

Bits & Bridling Tips

Brad Barkemeyer discusses the benefits, styles and fit when using snaffle, shank bits and how to properly bridle and unbridle your horse.

Benefits and Function of a Snaffle Bit

Function of a Bridle with a Snaffle Bit

Function of a Bridle with a Shank Bit

Choosing a Bit Metal Type for Your Horse

Attaching Reins to a Bit

Bridling a Horse with a Browband Headstall

How to Properly Bridle a Horse

How to Properly Take off a Bridle

Tack & Tack Accessories Tips

Tack is not limited to a saddle and a bridle, below Brad discusses various tack accessories that you may come across in your riding adventures.

Proper Saddle Pad Placement

Choosing the Right Breast Collar

Attaching a Tie Down Keeper to a Breast Collar

Attaching Lil' Dude® Stirrups to a Full-Sized Saddle

How to Put Spur Straps on Boots

Leg Care Tips

Knowing how to protect your horses legs are a crucial part horsemanship. Watch Brad Barkemeyer apply and fit Weaver Leather's top protective athletic boots.

How to Fit, Adjust and Apply Prodigy® Athletic Boots

Applying Weaver Leather's Leather Splint Boots

Blanketing Tips

Many people choose to blanket their horses in colder months, but a large number of those people do not know the proper way to fit and blanket a horse. Brad discusses proper blanketing techniques in the below video series.

How To Measure Your Horse For a Blanket

How to Blanket Your Horse

Miscellaneous Barn Tips

Being a good horseman involves more than just riding. Brad Barkemeyer demonstrates other tips that may be helpful when you are working in the barn.

Miracle Collar® for Cribbing Horses

How to Properly Tie a Horse

Maintaining Leather Tack

Filling and Hanging a Slow Feed Hay Net

Filling and Hanging a Slow Feed Hay Bag

Brad Barkemeyer's Favorite Gear

If you want to ride like a pro you'll want to use the same gear as the pros! Check out Brad Barkemeyer's favorite Weaver Leather gear below!