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The host of the award-winning RFD-TV show Discover the Horseman Within, Ken brings his faith in God, strong family values, and enthusiasm to life to everything he does. This modern-day American cowboy grew up in a traditional ranching family in the mountains of Wyoming and today is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. He’s committed to creating a unique environment where horses are trained using gentle methods and riders are coached to become their personal best.

Weaver Leather is proud to partner with Ken McNabb Horsemanship and sponsor his show  Discovering the Horseman Within which airs on RFD-TV. A portion of each episode is dedicated to the Horseman's Moment during which Ken discusses various important character traits and how you can relate them to your life with horses.

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Bits, Headstalls & Bridle Tips

Ken McNabb Tutorial Videos

Watch as professional horseman, Ken McNabb discusses styles, benefits and applications of different types of bits, curb straps, headstalls and reins.

The Job of Slobber Straps

Transitioning from a Snaffle to a Leverage Bit

How to Choose Leather Split Reins for Horses

Benefits of Different Bit Metal Types

The Difference Between Chain and Leather Curb Straps

Tying a Headstall or Reins to a Bit

What Ken McNabb Looks for in Quality Leather Reins

Overview of Headstall Bit End Selections

Choosing a Headstall that Works Best for You

Successfully Bridle Your Horse

Bridling a Horse

How to Adjust a Mecate Loop Rein

Saddle Pads & Cinching Tips

Professional horseman and clinician, Ken McNabb, discusses the importance of proper saddle fit by choosing an effective saddle pad, cinch and proper tack maintenance.

How to Choose a Saddle Pad

Proper Saddle Pad Fit

How to Care for a Saddle Pad

How to Properly Cinch a Horse

Cinching up an AirFlex®

Roll Snug® Cinch Buckle for Easy Cinching

The Importance of Replacing a Worn Latigo

Breast Collars & Accessories Tips

Ken McNabb explains the different types of styles and purposes of breast collars and how to attach a tie down strap safely.

The Importance of a Breast Collar and When to Use

Breast Collars Styles and Purposes

Fitting a Pulling Breast Collar

Fitting a Tie Down Strap

Miscellaneous Barn & Training Tips

Watch as professional horseman Ken McNabb demonstrates helpful tips for fitting halters, cribbing collars, hobbles and more.

How to Properly Fit a Horse Halter

The Purpose of Horse Boots

Teaching a Horse to Hobble

Properly Fitting and Adjusting a Miracle Collar®

How to Use the Knot Eliminator®

Attaching Lil' Dude® Stirrups to Saddle

How to Remove Bot Fly Eggs from a Horse

Ken McNabb Signature Gear

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