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Lisa Gentile Horsemanship desires to build a respectful, long lasting relationship between you and your horse. She offers the passion and knowledge for excellent training and one on one instruction. Lisa is committed to quality performance, designed to help her clients to succeed in their desire to become better horsemen and horsewomen.

Lisa Gentile Horsemanship is proudly sponsored by Weaver Leather and is honored to ride for a company that represents the same values and ethics as she holds true in her training and daily life.


From a young age Lisa had the heart and passion for horses. She joined a local horse 4-H group and participated in a wide variety of horsemanship activities throughout her youth. Over those years she had the privilege to ride and train with some amazing trainers. Her love for training really start to grow when she was 14. Lisa started training and assisting with two John Lyons certified trainers. From there she was introduced to Ken McNabb. She attended a few of his horsemanship clinics locally, and after that attended Ken McNabb’s 5 day working cow clinic and then his three week apprenticeship program in Douglas, WY. From there she was offered an opportunity to move out to Wyoming from Massachusetts to work for Ken McNabb Horsemanship and of course she said yes! Working for Ken McNabb Horsemanship, Lisa experienced ranch life which she absolutely fell in love with. She was responsible for caring and training hundreds of horses. She was given the opportunity to travel all over with Ken assisting him at expos and clinics. Working on the ranch included checking and moving cows, brandings, and training and selling horses. In the summer she got to help Ken and his family with their Bear-tooth Mountain pack trips and Big Horn Mountain pack trips. Lisa was responsible for wrangling the horses for guests and acting as a guide for the trails. Through the years working for Ken McNabb Horsemanship, Lisa became a Master Certified trainer. She taught annually side by side with Ken at all his three week clinics and also has been blessed to ride, train, and sell horses annually at the Diamond McNabb Ranch horse sale. Her passion and education continues to grow with her ultimate goal, which is to help horsemen and horsewomen successfully reach their own goals in their horsemanship.

Geographical Area: Plymouth, MA


  • Natural Horsemanship
  • Colt Starting
  • Ranch Versatility

Industry Organization Membership:

  • Ken McNabb Certified Master Trainer
  • American Quarter Horse Association Member

Career Highlights:

  • Ken McNabb Master Certified Trainer
  • Featured on RFD-TV’s “Discovering the Horseman Within”

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