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Luke competes in reining and ranch versatility, and specializes in liberty horsemanship, where he performs and teaches at expos, clinics, demos, lessons (in-person and virtual), and offers an online training video library with members from around the world. Luke’s goal is to educate others to utilize effective communication, establish a solid foundation, and build stronger relationships with their horses.


"I have been fascinated with liberty work ever since I was a young boy. I loved the relationship and level of communication that it displays, and how subtle and refined it can become. Along with teaching liberty horsemanship, I compete in reining, ranch versatility, and also freestyle reining, where I incorporate both bridleless reining and liberty work into my performances. I believe that the finesse, trust, and communication this requires is a great way to test our relationship and showcase what my horses and I have built together.

Much of my liberty work is built on the basis that a horse naturally wants to mirror, or be in sync with, other members of the herd. I channel that desire and natural instinct to read subtle shifts and changes in body language, to be able to create complex maneuvers and behaviors that my horses become capable of doing at liberty with me. Helping my horses learn how to use themselves correctly in a balanced and athletic way, while working at liberty on the ground, is also very important to me. The combination of both the mental and emotional connection, combined with the physical body control and muscle memory that this work creates, can then be carried directly over into riding in many other competitive disciplines.". - Luke Gingerich

Geographical Area: Plain City, Ohio


  • Performance Liberty Horsemanship
  • Reining
  • Ranch Versatility

Industry Organization Membership:

  • International Liberty Horse Association
  • American Quarter Horse Association

Career Highlights:

  • Reserve Champion - 2017 All American Quarter Horse Congress Non-Pro Freestyle Reining
  • Top Three Finalist - 2018 Congress Open Freestyle Reining
  • Clinician Equine Affaire (OH) and the Horse World Expo (PA) – 2019
  • Performer Fantasia at Equine Affaire (OH and MA) – 2018 and 2019
  • Performer Theatre Equus – 2019
  • Featured Performer New Jersey State Fair and Horse Show – 2019

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