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Thank you for your continued interest and support of Weaver Equine products! We are interested in growing our team of brand ambassadors to promote the Weaver brand. Our Weaver Equine team of brand ambassadors shares our passion for horses, the equine industry, quality products, and the importance of ethics and values. Representing a variety of disciplines within the equine industry, these individuals are partners with us at a variety of events throughout the year. They are committed to always upholding the values of Weaver Equine and The Weaver Way. We would like to invite you to review our expectations and incentives for partnering with us to promote the Weaver brand throughout the year. Please see the below requirements to be considered for one of our brand ambassadors. Thank you!

Overall Expectations:

Before you can be considered for a Team Weaver position, we need to collect some necessary background information and go over the expectations for this role.

In terms of expectations, our team members share our passion for horses, the equine industry, quality products, and the importance of ethics and values. You must be committed to demonstrating good character and upholding the values of Weaver Equine and The Weaver Way at all times. Full details can be found in the Code of Conduct included at the end of this document.

Team members are also expected to stay in touch with the Weaver Equine team and submit content according to the guidelines below. We also value your feedback and welcome any product reviews or suggestions you’d like to share with us outside of the required content pieces.

This year we will be sending out a 2023 schedule that includes what we plan to feature each month until 2024. This will allow you to follow our schedule and submit relevant content when needed. We will also be sending personalized content kits to help in your content creation. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Maddie S. or Maddy L.

Content Requirements:

As a member of Team Weaver, you’ll be expected to create one monthly social media post promoting the Weaver Equine brand. Please tag @weaverequine in your photo (not the caption, if on Instagram) or feature @weaverequine on social media at least once a month provided you are active on social media. Be sure to use the hashtags #weaverequine, #weaverleather and #ridethebrand where applicable. If you are not active on social media, you can send us at least one postable photo each month for us to feature on our own social channels.

You are also required to send us at least 2 content pieces each quarter. A content piece can be a blog, a video or at least 5 high quality photos. We will provide topics and ideas to follow for these pieces.

If you choose to submit more than the minimum 2 pieces in a quarter, you can receive additional free product. For 3-5 content pieces, you can receive $150 in free product for each additional content piece, for up to $450 in product.

Content pieces must be approved by us to be usable for print pieces or on social media before any additional free product or compensation is considered.

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