Silvertip Big Sky Rope Halter

SKU: 35-9583-W33

: Tan/Black


This premium rope halter is specially-made from a narrower, 1/4" rope that gives you more control and an exceptional feel. You’ll find it’s supple enough to lay nicely on your horse’s head while offering a sleeker look than the No. 95 halter. Its versatile design offers the perfect combination of strength, low stretch, and resistance to wear. Hand-tied with pride in the USA, the Big Sky is made from one piece of rope securely knotted by our craftspeople who undergo special training in the age-old art of tying rope halters.

Product Details

  • Hand-tied from 1/4" premium polypropylene 16-strand double braid rope for exceptional communication and a refined look on your horse’s head
  • A favorite for training, trail riding and everyday use
  • Pre-stretched rope helps ensure knots stay secure and the halter holds its shape for the long haul
  • Resists rot, mildew and abrasions for long life and durability
  • Exceptionally strong, one-piece construction
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Sizes: Weanling, Small, Average & Large

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Hand-Tied with pride in the USA

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Backed by a lifetime guarantee

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The Benefits

Added communication and control with narrow 1/4 inch diameter poly rope that precisely targets pressure points

Enduring Performance Poly rope construction resists mold, mildew and rot for long-lasting dependability

Medium-Firm Feel Made with care from 5/16 inches of poly rope that's perfect for everyday use

Extra Strong Hand-tied from one continuous piece of rope with no weak points that may break

Keeps Its Shape Rope is pre-stretched by our craftspeople, ensuring halter maintains its shape and the knots remain secure

Tying a Rope halter

For proper fit, adjust the halter so the rope from the throat knot runs under or behind the jawbone; not outside the jawbone.

Illustration about tying a Rope Halter

Silvertip halter sizing made easy