Synergy by Weaver Powered by Coolcore® Blankets & Neck Wraps

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Synergy by Weaver Powered by Coolcore® Blankets & Neck Wraps

How It Works:

Pre/Post Exercise:

To use Coolcore® blankets and neck wraps when wet, simply wet it, wring out excess water, and snap it in the air to initiate the rapid cooling process. The patented Hyper Evaporative Cooling process will cool up to 30% below skin temperature effectively keeping your horse cool on even the hottest days

The water-moistened fabric works quickly to dissipate heat to regulate your horse’s core temperature. Using the Coolcore® blanket system wet is best advised pre-exercise on hot days (apply blanket/neck wrap roughly ½ hour before exercise) to regulate the body temperature before strenuous activity, and also post-exercise from a regular workout. If the horse is extremely warm and excessively dripping with sweat after the exercise, it is advised to instead use the blanket dry in this scenario to wick the excess moisture quickly for best cooling.

Place the dry Coolcore® blanket and neck wrap on your horse after exercise when they are sweaty to pull moisture and sweat off your horse, drying them quickly and allowing their body to regulate their temperature more effectively.

Horse post-exercise after untacking (2:00p.m.)
Horse 5 minutes after dry Coolcore® blanket and neck wrap application – notice the moisture visible throughout the material as sweat is pulled from the horse (2:05p.m.)
Horse 15 minutes after the initial Coolcore® application – notice the dryness of the horse in comparison to the first photo taken 15 minutes before (2:15p.m.).

Winter Riding:

Coolcore® are not just designed for use in the summer – it can also be an efficient cooler to use in the winter when your horse is damp from a sweaty winter workout. Rapid evaporation prevents the material from staying damp unlike traditional fleece coolers, leading to a much faster drying time even in cool temperatures.


Applying a dry blanket and neck wrap will also significantly reduce drying time after bathing your horse, allowing them to stay cleaner and reducing the time needed for show-day preparations.

Stable Sheet:

Coolcore® blankets also make comfortable and breathable stable sheets for both at-home and competition stalled environments, keeping your horse clean while also keeping them cool and comfortable by removing sweat quickly and effectively.


Hauling in the summer heat without an air-conditioned trailer and worried about your horse becoming overheated? Coolcore® has a solution for you. Simply apply a Coolcore® blanket on your horse before loading them in the trailer and rest easy knowing your horse will stay cool and comfortable for the long haul.

In summary, the Coolcore® blankets with patented Coolcore® technology have many versatile uses to keep your horse cool, comfortable, and dry in not only the upcoming summer months but throughout the winter season as well. To learn more about Coolcore® equine blankets and neck wraps, visit today.


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