Does Your Horse's Blanket Fit Correctly?

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Does Your Horse's Blanket Fit Correctly?

We understand that there is a debate in the horse world whether to blanket or not to blanket. To that notion, we suggest that you know your horse best and should make a decision to blanket your horse based on their age, breed, body condition, climate and work level. For more information on how to know if you should blanket your horse or not, visit our blanketing guide! If you do choose to blanket your horse, you should make sure that your current or new blanket is sized correctly.

If you have never measured your horse for a blanket, or it’s been a while and they have gained or lost considerable amounts of weight or muscle tone, it’s a good idea to re-measure. Measuring your horse is extremely easy. What you will need is a friend, a soft tape measure or a long piece of string. To get the best measurement, tie your horse and have him / her stand square (with both front and back feet next to each other).

How to Measure Your Horse For a Blanket

Have your friend hold one end of the tape measure or string at the center of your horse’s chest and take the tape measure or string around the barrel of your horse’s body to end at the center of the tail. Make sure that the tape or string is lying flat and is pulled taut around your horse’s body. Once you have the tape measure at the center of your horse’s tail, you have your measurement!

If you used a string, keep track of your end mark and take the string to a hard tape measure to find your measurement.

It’s a good idea to note that many blanket companies size their blankets by increments of 3”, for example – sizes 69”, 72”, 75”, 78” etc. If your horse measured at 70”, we recommend going up to the closet size, a 72”, because the front closure and leg straps are fully adjustable and can make up the 2” difference, plus you should factor in a winter weight gain or winter coat. So now you have your blanket measurement!

For more information about how to pick the right blanket for your horse visit our blanket guide here!

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