How To Wrap a Gift For The Horse Lover in Your Life!

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How To Wrap a Gift For The Horse Lover in Your Life!

Christmas is right around the corner! If you want to add some extra “wow” to your gift for the horse lover in your life, check out some of the ideas below!

Present Garnishes

Some great ways to dress up a boxed gift include adding a gift itself on the outside of the present! Adding a bit to the front and tying it to the package with ribbon is a neat and functional idea! *Tip: If using a shank bit, you must secure all four attachments at the same time to maintain even pull from all directions. This is best done with assistance.

Another way to wrap a gift is with a nylon halter. *Tip: Make sure you have a “halter-size” box that is not only the correct length but also has some depth, or else you will end up with excess halter on the back of the gift (if this happens, you will just have to tuck the excess together behind the package and pin/tape it together).

If you know a horse lover, more than likely they will also have a dog. The same concept can be applied to wrapping a smaller gift with a dog collar or leash! Simply use the leash as if it were a ribbon to wrap around all four sides of the box. Bows or single poinsettias also make great accents to finish off the package.

Crafty Gift Idea

One gift that is easy to make and personalize yourself without breaking the bank are stirrup decor. If you have old stirrups laying around that you can clean up or even new ones, this is one idea that has unlimited possibilities! Classy, rustic, vintage, anything you can image, try it with stirrups!

This is not specifically limited to English or Western stirrups, as they can both work in this case. Each piece should have a main focal point (in this case, the ornament or the small model horse) and then accent it with additional floral pieces, ribbons, or beading for a charming result that can be a perfect holiday decoration.

Decorating stirrups can also make a great gift idea for any time of the year, since you can decorate them for all seasons.

While these are just a couple of ideas, we hope that they will give you inspiration as you wrap gifts for your equestrian loved ones this holiday season.

Do you have any other neat wrapping ideas? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the entire team here at Weaver Leather

-Taylor Troyer, Equine Marketing Associate at Weaver Leather

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