Is Bamboo Tack the Right Choice for My Horse?

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Is Bamboo Tack the Right Choice for My Horse?

With the recent influx of bamboo products into the equine industry, including Weaver Leather’s EcoLuxe™ Bamboo Gear, it’s brought to life an important question: Is bamboo tack everything it claims to be?

To answer this question, it involves more than reading a label and assuming the products are going to work perfectly. Here’s a rundown on the latest bamboo products based off their performance in and out of the barn:

Bamboo Cinches

Still a weighty investment for you to make, bamboo cinches offer more than just shelf appeal.

Due to the natural properties of bamboo, you will find that cinches made out of this material will have a low stretch over time and also wick sweat extremely effectively to keep your horse dry and prevent heat buildup.

Overall, this cinch has been found to be just as strong as traditional mohair and alpaca but adds in the powerful element of natural bacterial resistance – and at a lower price point. This means that there is no odor and it can be transferred from horse to horse without bringing along any unwanted elements.

After being used on a horse during a river photo shoot for Weaver Leather, the EcoLuxe™ cinch didn’t get moldy or have any odor – even though it sat in a box in the office to dry!

Weaver Leather put the EcoLuxe™ bamboo cinch to the test during a river photo shoot. Even after being thrown into a box and left in the office while it was still wet, the cinch did not develop mold growth or any odor. After the cinch dried it appeared slightly stiff, but rolling the cinch around in someone’s hands for a few seconds quickly had it back to feeling as soft and supple as it had when it was brand new.

Bamboo Braided & Rope Halters

Aside from the typical benefits of bamboo – being eco-friendly, antibacterial, ect. – a bamboo halter brings another concept into question – strength. Does a bamboo halter have what it takes to restrain a 1,100 lb. animal?

The simple answer – yes! The original EcoLuxe™ rope halter and lead works great for everyday use. Whether you are tying a horse, training, leading them around or whatever the day may bring, this material doesn’t stretch out and is firm enough to hold its shape while remaining non-abrasive against the horse. The best part? You’ll find these rope halters are extremely affordable!

You can also expect them to look their very best for an extensive amount of time – all bamboo products are UV resistant, giving them protection from fading and the degrading effects of sunlight.

UV-protected bamboo material prevents fading over time, keeping your gear looking newer for longer.

The bamboo fibers in the braided rope halter are also tough enough to contain your horse, but the halter is incredibly soft and silky to the touch. With these halters gaining quickly in popularity, this is a great accessory for photo shoots as well!

The perfect accessory for photo shoots, the bamboo braided rope halter maintains its strength while remaining incredibly soft and comfortable for your horse.

Will my horse try and eat the bamboo material since it’s from plant fibers?

Aside from super ornery horses who tend to chew on everything, these bamboo products won’t appeal to horses or encourage them to chew on them any more than a traditional halter and lead would.

Bamboo Leads, Lunge Lines, Reins, and Mecates

With few other bamboo lead ropes, lunge lines, reins, or mecates in the industry, it’s important to make sure these products are up to par. When compared with traditional nylon, cotton, and poly equine products bamboo was found to be just as durable as any other material.

The benefits? The bamboo material has an extremely low stretch even after extensive use, and the silky softness that feels great in your hands is hard to beat. With an added leather popper at the end of the leads, lunge lines and mecates these products are extremely versatile for ground work and riding.

The antibacterial properties make the reins a great option for riding programs where lots of different riders will be using them, or in general preventing mold and organisms from growing due to contact with a rider’s hands.

In summary, bamboo equine tack is a market that is only just beginning to develop. Who knows what products we may find in the future! With bamboo products being affordable and providing great antibacterial, UV protective, and moisture-wicking properties, we think the possibilities are endless.

What products and color combinations would you like to see made out of bamboo material in the future? Leave us a comment below!

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