"On the Road Again" with Boyd Polhamus

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Professional Rodeo Announcer Boyd Polhamus

Boyd Polhamus is a blessed man. That’s the first thing he will tell you when asked about his life and his career.

“God’s fingerprints are all over everything that’s happened in my life, which is why it’s pretty good to be me,” Polhamus said.

Weaver Leather recently joined this professional rodeo announcer for an insight of life “on the road again”.

…..and by now you might by wondering…… why the theme “on the road again?” Well, you see, that leads us to our very first question! How many days do you spend on the road each year? “Varies…250-300 on the average.”

Can you imagine!? Hauling up and down the road 250-300 days of the year! That is PASSION!

Boyd has been behind the microphone at the biggest rodeo events in the world including 20-time announcer at the NFR, Rodeo Houston, National Western, Calgary Stampede, Dodge City Round Up and Snake River Stampede. Boyd was Wisconsin’s first 3-time All-Around Champion Cowboy at the high school level, earning a scholarship to compete at a college level in Texas where his passion for announcing began.

Let’s get to know Boyd better!

Lives In: Brenham, TX

Family: Wife, Sandee (they have been married 25 years! She travels with him as much as possible, while at the same time taking care of their “Band-Aid Ranch” along with all of their pets and animals.)

Have you had a life mentor, if so who and why? Several, my father (Bud) had the biggest influence on me in the first 20 years of my life, largely making me the man I am today. Since he let me go out on my own and become my own man, I’ve had additional influences from people I truly admire, but by and large…it would be my Christian faith that “mentors” me more than any single individual.”

If you could offer one piece of advice to youth entering the sport of rodeo what would it be? “You cannot be weak. This is a very demanding lifestyle and only the physically and mentally strong succeed.”

What draws you to love the sport of rodeo? “It’s rugged individualism. You are your own boss and you get what you put in. It remains one of the few examples of how life in America was originally purposed. There are no hand-outs, no safety nets, nor is anybody asking for one. You learn from your mistakes and excel on your work ethic and self-discipline. Additionally, because it takes place in nearly every state and region in the country, you are exposed to the many different cultures and lifestyles that make up this wonderful melting-pot we call America.”

What is your go-to piece of advice when you are speaking to a group? “Be honest, even if it hurts the listener to hear it.”

What is your favorite horse you’ve ever owned or trained and why? “Rolex, he survived a bout of West Nile Virus and had to be nursed back to health. He was BOMB proof!”

Do you have a certain event you really enjoy announcing or watching? “This is not a cop-out, but I have a deep appreciation for them all. Each contest has its own set of difficulties and complications that must be conquered in order to succeed. If anything, I enjoy the variety of a rodeo with all seven contests than just simply watching a stand-alone Bull Riding or Team Roping.”

Favorite Weaver Leather Products:Synergy Saddle Pads and AirFlex Cinches- both offer durability and comfort!”

What activities do you enjoy outside of horses? “Christianity, football and politics.”

How did you choose or know you should pursue a career of becoming a rodeo announcer? “Long story, short-divine intervention. I was attempting to be a good college rodeo contestant…but failing at it…during our practice sessions I would pretend to be and announcer. My coaches heard me and asked me to announce the college rodeo and when I did I had the same adrenaline rush I had when competing. It was then that I felt God impressing upon me you have plateaued as a contestant, but you’re going to be really good at this!”

What was the name of your first horse? “Pickett, a Shetland pony I won in a raffle at the age of four.”

How has your faith impacted your career? “Multiple ways. When I started tithing my contracts and fees improved and my endorsements increased. I love praying at rodeos and witnessing through that prayer. It’s my firm belief the reason that God gave me my voice and/or my way with words so that I could be a good rodeo announcer. He primarily blessed me with those skills so I could pray in public before I announce in public.”

“What we are is God’s gift to us, and what we become is our gift to God.”

Boyd Polhamus

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