Pattern Power: Be Inspired by Weaver Equine’s Latest Collections

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Pattern Power: Be Inspired by Weaver Equine’s Latest Collections

Are you on the lookout for a fresh style for your horse's gear?

Weaver Equine invites you to discover our newest selection of designer patterns. With a focus on sleek and spirited designs, our Pattern Collections offer an array of daring new looks and fresh takes on classic western patterns.

Unique Twists on Timeless Western Designs

Trekking West

The Lost Creek, Trekking West and Plaid Aztec Pattern Tack Collections can add striking, southwest appeal to your horse's ensemble. Let these patterns transport you to a world of vast deserts, winding canyons, and majestic mountains with their bold shapes and colors, intricate motifs, and timeless elegance. The Lost Creek and Trekking West patterns capture the essence of the western frontier, pairing turquoise, burnt orange and indigo diamonds with deep brown and olive-green accents for an earthy flavor. The Plaid Aztec pattern offers a vivid fusion of dark burgundy red and intricate Aztec-inspired geometric motifs.

Plaid Aztec Pattern

Lost Creek, Trekking West and Plaid Aztec celebrate nature's beauty and the spirit of exploration, inspired by the rugged landscapes and vibrant cultures of the southwest. They can bolster your Lycra® Fly Mask, Prodigy® Athletic Boots or Nylon Bucket Strap with a sense of wanderlust and authenticity.

For the Innovative and Adventurous

Leopard Pattern

For those with a taste for a contemporary design, consider the Leopard Print Tack Collection. This eye-catching leopard print design promises to elegantly adorn your gear and supplies. The Poly Tie Strap, Grooming Kit, and Poly Off Billet are just a few examples of available accessories with the Leopard pattern, making every grooming session or tack adjustment a stylish affair.

Cactus Pattern

If you’re seeking a playful design and some desert whimsy for your horse’s gear, check out the Cactus Pattern Tack Collection, featuring a tan background adorned with an array of cacti in various colors and designs. Capture the spirit of the southwest with this lively design, a perfect choice to infuse your horse's Adjustable Halter or Hay Bag with a hint of desert charm and western style.

These distinctive patterns combine rich colors and vibrant motifs, offering a diverse range of choices to suit every rider's preference. Each design reflects the latest trends in equestrian fashion, while the trusted products they adorn ensure durability and performance.

Whether you're a seasoned rider or a novice enthusiast, Weaver Equine’s patterns cater to all tastes and preferences. From classic to contemporary, our Collections promise to inspire riders of all levels.

Ready to explore Weaver Equine’s latest selection of patterns? Don't miss the opportunity to reinvent your horse's style with these top-quality designs.

Shop now and discover all the trendy possibilities!

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