Stacy Westfall's Favorite Halter

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Stacy Westfall's Favorite Halter

I use different halters for different reasons but for casual use, the bronc halter I designed with Weaver Leather is my favorite. I love how it looks and I love how it feels. As a little girl, I thought the racehorses on TV in their leather halters were the stuff of dreams. I guess I’ve carried a little of that forward with me and into this leather halter.

When I designed this I wanted a more western look than the standard leather halter so I went with the widened noseband. Jeremiah Watt designed the stainless steel O rings and oversized buckles…which look AMAZING on Gabby!

The sunset harness leather starts out smooth and supple and gets better over time. I went with one buckle to keep things simple and because the fit is already amazing.

While this halter is not a substitute for a rope halter during training, I do prefer it when hauling in a horse trailer or for general everyday use with respectful horses. I love using the halter to buckle my stall shut at shows…and knowing that it looks amazing no matter what job it is doing.

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