Style Meets Function!

By Michaela Gannett  •   4 minute read

Style Meets Function!

I love shopping for my horse….well if we have to be honest….myself too! I have to be very careful to allot myself a certain budget for boots, western shirts, cowboy hats, jewelry and then the BIG ticket items – horse tack!

You know the saying “like a kid in a candy store” except for me it would go something along the lines of “like a girl in a tack store.” I mean, doesn’t it just make your heart smile? Probably not the checkbook 🙂

One of my best friends is always dressed to a tee! She is cute, classy and I wish she could literally assemble my outfits for me! I wish every time I went shopping, I could just take her to the store and have her show me the latest trends and match it all together to look good on me with products that were not only stylish, but functional. For all the wives out there…have you ever had to help your husband on this one? Updating the style a bit, but within the parameters of function?

Well anyways, you might be wondering at this point where I am going. I was just saddling up the other day to head to a branding and I realized that I literally have an “outfit” for each horse! I like this color pad on this color horse with this matching headstall and boots. AND my outfit can change for the occasion. Hauling to a barrel race, gathering cattle or hitting the trail….I just love my tack! I never was a gal who got giddy over new makeup… BUT show me a new shiny bit or tack collection and I would drool!

With that being said I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Weaver Leather products where I believe style meets function. These are only some of my new favorites! I thought you and your horse might love the “fashion tips”.


Silvertip Rope Halter- Available in a variety of styles the No. 95 is great for everyday use and the Big Sky is the real deal when it comes to training! Constructed from American pre-stretched rot and mildew resistant rope and hand-tied in Mt. Hope, OH. The rope feels perfect in your hand and offers great signal and feel to your horse.


C and C Horsemanship doing groundwork with a horse in training.

Chevron Working Tack Headstall Punchy look, supple top quality harness leather and perfect for the ranch, trail or arena! What more can you want? My husband will be fighting me for this one! Sometimes I want to deck out in bling, but when I need a nice simple, but dressed up look this is a go to. It is good quality, affordable and gives us that punch of style.

Quality is all in the details. Working tack headstalls are crafted from premium canyon rose harness leather, dipped in oil, dressed with saddle butter, hand rubbed for beauty and performance and accented with exclusive designer buckle sets.
Chrome tanned chinks with Floral Yoke Set modeled by Lisa Gentile Horsemanship.

Floral Yoke Set Chinks This leather feels great! They aren’t too stiff, but they aren’t to thin. They offer great protection on the trail or ranch, keep your jeans nice, add a layer of protection in the elements and will dress you up with style.

Synergy™ Saddle Pad Love these new prints! The contoured design of these pads are a life saver on your horse. They offer great fit and protection to my horses and also sweat really well.

Introducing Greater Protection through Synergy! Premium Materials + Perfect Fit + Superior Shock Absorption = The Synergy Saddle Pad Difference!
Cowboy and cowgirl sitting on wooden fence with close up of Weaver Leather spurs & spur straps.

Spurs Yep my boots go everywhere with my spurs 🙂 I can’t say I have one favorite, but Weaver has done a number of spurs in an antiqued buffed brown that I think are stunning.

2520D Ballistic Nylon No-Turn Bell Boots

Aztec Bell Boots Love cute patterns and designs! I like to customize my look too. Heading to a barrel race? No problem, grab the mint Athletic Boots and pop them with a pattern Aztec Bell Boot. Just gives you a little personal touch and offers overreach protection to your horse.

On that note, we will call it a wrap for the day 🙂 These are a few of my recent favorites, but I will keep you posted on more “fashion meets function” trends for you and your horse!

Happy Trails, Michaela








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