Tack Tips with Kalley Krickeberg: Horseman's Foal Halter

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Tack Tips with Kalley Krickeberg: Horseman's Foal Halter

Embarking on the journey from a rambunctious foal to a well-trained adult starts with foundational training--most crucially, teaching the foal to lead. However, it's not merely about slipping a halter on a young equine and expecting a seamless walk-off.

Expert trainer and clinician Kalley Krickeberg guides us through the essentials of hassle-free halter training.


 When to Start: The Earlier, The Better

Krickeberg emphasizes starting a foal's basic handling at just a week or two old. "It’s easier to keep things from going bad at that age," she explains. "Older horses are more prone to a fight-or-flight response when they feel pressure; they might flip over backward and undergo other traumatizing things. So, I really like to start it early. I think getting babies going early is safer."

Keeping the early training sessions brief, Krickeberg limits them to five minutes or less. "I do really short sessions; the best time to do it is when you’re taking the mare out to the pasture," she advises. "The mare is a natural draw. The baby wants to go to mom, so you just aim it toward the mare and it makes moving away from pressure and following a handler that much easier."


 The Horseman's Foal Halter by Weaver Equine: A Game-Changer

A variety of foal-sized halters flood the market, but Krickeberg’s preferred choice is one she co-developed with Weaver Equine. The Horseman's Foal Halter is a unique 50/50 blend of flat leather and rope. However, it's versatile; whether opting for a full leather halter, a rope halter, or another of choice, the key feature remains consistent.

Krickeberg explains her choice further: "I prefer a halter with a ring underneath the jaw, paired with a long 20-foot lead made of small-diameter yacht rope. A traditional rope halter can twist on the face and confuse the horse."

Key Features of the Horseman's Foal Halter:

  • Quality Construction: 50/50 leather and rope design ensures enhanced safety and durability.
  • Unique Design: The rope-halter hybrid style allows the ring to glide smoothly from side to side, aiding in better control and reduced confusion for the foal.
  • Versatility: Accommodates your halter of choice, including half flat leather/half rope, full leather, and rope halters
  • Improved Learning: Engineered to prevent twisting on a foal's face, it accelerates the learning process and reduces potential confusion.

Craftsmanship Meets Safety

Developed in collaboration with Kalley Krickeberg, the Horseman's Foal Halter equally prioritizes the safety of a young horse and the comfort and convenience of the handler.

Ready to Invest in Your Foal's Training Journey?

Starting a foal’s training journey with the right equipment is paramount. With the Horseman's Foal Halter by Weaver Equine, trainers ensure the safety and comfort of the young equine and invest in a smoother, more hassle-free training experience.

So, Why Wait?

Kalley Krickeberg’s expert tips on when and how to start this training are invaluable. Starting the training journey of a young horse is an essential step towards developing a well-trained adult horse.

By investing in a quality halter like the Horseman's Foal Halter, trainers set the stage for a successful and safe training journey for both the trainer and the foal.

Start your foal's training on the right foot today with the Horseman's Foal Halter and ensure a smoother, more efficient training process.

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