Unique Horseback Activities

By Michaela Gannett  •   3 minute read

Unique Horseback Activities

Horses are my passion! I really couldn’t imagine life without them. I am 26 years old and I know there are many chapters of my horsemanship journey that are still waiting to be uncovered.

My husband and I live on a Montana ranch and this past winter was definitely one for the books! Record snowfall made the ranch that I love look like a storybook winter wonderland! The events of this winter made me ponder unique activities that are super fun horseback. Next time you’re seeking a new adventure with your horse, maybe you’ll enjoy one of my experiences? So, that leads me to the 1st activity:

  1. Sled Riding – My husband pulled me all over the ranch in a sled this winter behind a horse. (I can’t tell you how many times he just “accidentally” hit the big bumps with speed..haha) It was a great way for our ranch horses to get used to pulling before calving season hit and you won’t regret the little giggles and smiles you get from giving a child a ride (or quite frankly for that matter a grown adult too), and don’t forget the cup of hot cocoa to follow! 🙂
  2. Mail Time – Saddle up and take a little ride to the mailbox. What a beautiful and quiet time to enjoy nature and spend some quality time horseback, unwinding for the day. Side note, this may make for a unique training opportunity! Those mailboxes can be scary for some and if you really want to show off your horsemanship skills, practice side-passing over to the box.
  3. Hit Up the Drive Through – Ice cream? Coffee? French fries? Do any of these sound good to you? I’ll admit it, I might be a fast food junkie…..but some of my best memories came from the summer I worked for a trainer in Ohio. Our crew would saddle up on a beautiful summer day and ride to town for an ice cream cone or even hit up the McDonald’s drive through for a burger (AND of course an order of apple slices to share with our horses)!
  4. Summer Swim – Cool off! Take off that saddle, go bareback and feel free with a nice summer swim. Gather up your friends and head to the river, pond or even a stroll along beach waters (careful, not too deep 🙂 ). I remember the 1st time I got to kick off my shoes, stand up on my horse in the river and jump off cannonball style. I want that youthful spirit to live inside of me forever!

These memories I will always treasure and as I grow older I hope to create new ones and also look back to “the good old days”. And so to you, I leave you on this note, I challenge you to try something new horseback. Round up your friends or spend some quality time with your children and make a memory that will be cherished forever. I believe that in everything we do, we takeaway a lesson or discover an opportunity to learn or practice a character trait and give back. If it were not for the many horse mentors in my life I would have never had these opportunities to build confidence and for that I am humbled, blessed and inspired.

Until next time, HAPPY TRAILS!

Michaela Gannett Equine Marketing Associate at Weaver Leather

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