Silvertip Reflective Horse Lead Rope, 5/16" x 12, Black

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The same lead rope that’s on our Silvertip Reflective Rope Halter, this lead features double threaded reflective tracers for added visibility in low light environments. Handcrafted by our skilled craftspeople in the USA, this abrasion-resistant horse lead rope features a leather popper for training purposes.

Product Details

  • Made with pride from 1/4" accessory cord rope with woven-in, double threaded reflective tracers that boost low-light visibility for increased safety
  • Rot, mildew and abrasion resistant for long-lasting performance
  • Great to pair with your favorite Silvertip halter or other rope halter of choice
  • Leather popper on one end for getting your horse’s attention
  • Measures 5/16" x 12'

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Hand-Tied with pride in the USA

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The Benefits

Woven-in reflective tracers boost low-light visibility for increased safety

Accessory cord construction resists rot, mildew and abrasions

A perfect addition to your favorite halter, Silvertip or otherwise

How to Install a Heat-Sealed End Lead

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