Stacy Westfall Activity Ball

SKU: 65-2399


Stacy Westfall activity balls are a customer favorite! These versatile balls can be used as a training aid for horses, a tool to help a rider work on balance and seat position, or as a horse toy that offers hours of enjoyment. Help protect your activity ball from everyday wear and tear with our Activity Ball Covers.

Small - Purple:

  • Petite size makes it ideal for training smaller horses, as well as helping smaller riders work on their balance
  • People will find it easy to handle, while horses will find its small size more of a challenge, making it perfect for mor advanced training exercises
  • Perfect for use with shank bits
  • Circumference should be approximately 68" when fully inflated
  • Height: 20"

Medium - Blue:

  • Recommended for average-sized horses and riders
  • Riders of average height will find this size perfect for working on their core muscles for improved balance and seat position
  • Perfect for incorporating into training sessions to help desensitize horses and reduce spooking or overreacting to new things
  • Circumference should be approximately 93" when fully inflated
  • Height: 30"

Large - Red:

  • An ideal training tool for larger horses (as well as less advanced horses) as it is easier for them to control
  • Not for use with shank bits because ball may bounce up and jar the shanks
  • Circumference should be approximately 124" when fully inflated
  • Height: 39"

Pump included for easy inflation