Synergy® 100% Mohair 27-Strand Cinch

SKU: 35410-20-26-254

: Navy/Natural


Just as you and your equine athlete continually strive for the best, our team works tirelessly to design high-performing gear to support your partnership. You can be confident that the Synergy® by Weaver line of products is crafted from the finest materials working together in synergy with the latest technology and innovation.

Product Features

  • Hand-woven by our craftspeople from 100% mohair cording from angora goats
  • Soft, luxurious and durable mohair offers performance for your equine partner
  • Mohair cinches are known to stretch for the perfect fit and lung expansion while always returning to original size due to the fibers elasticity
  • Sunset harness leather is stuffed with extra tallows and oils to help prevent moisture absorption