Synergy Deep Contour Steam Pressed 100% Merino Wool Felt Performance Saddle Pad

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  • Leather contoured spine provides an anatomically-correct fit for your horse’s back and keeps the center of the saddle pad lifted into the saddle gullet for increased airflow
  • High quality, abrasion-resistant F1-rated 100% merino wool felt wicks 8x its weight in moisture, removing heat and sweat to cool your horse
  • F1 pure merino wool felt features 21 PSI compression rating to protect against pressure points and a 500 PSI tensile strength for the ultimate in durability
  • Precision-shaped contour and an expanded wither cut-out contribute to an enhanced fit, providing increased comfort and relief for the withers
  • Impervious to the effects of sunlight and oxidation
  • Measures 31" L x 32" W