Turquoise Cross Skirting Leather Split Reins

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Color: Light


  • Dark, medium or light-oiled skirting leather split reins are great essentials at a great price
  • Feel great in your hands
  • Coordinate with a wide range of saddles and tack
  • Made from genuine cowhide for quality you can trust
  • Measure 5/8" x 7'
  • Turquoise Cross Horse Tack delivers reliable performance at a great value

Additional Details

Horsemen of long ago adorned themselves and their steeds with revered turquoise stone as a symbolic gesture of safety, health and surefootedness. Keeping this spirit alive as a tribute to these riders of the past, Weaver Equine set out to design a line of tack that embodies the trust and friendship between you and your horse. As we pay homage to tradition, we offer blessings, health, and good rides with our premium horse tack for you and your equine companion. Imported under Weaver Equine's strict standards for quality, you can rest assured in the unmatched style and durability of Turquoise Cross for the long road ahead.

Turquoise Cross Skirting Leather Split Reins, Dark Oiled, 5/8" x 7
Weaver Leather

Turquoise Cross Skirting Leather Split Reins

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