Cleaning Your AirFlex Cinch in 5 Easy Steps

By Weaver Leather  •   2 minute read

Cleaning Your AirFlex Cinch in 5 Easy Steps

Keeping your horse cinch clean is an important part of your horse care routine. Both your horse’s comfort and your horse cinch’s longevity can depend on it! Experts recommend cleaning your horse’s cinch whenever it gets dirty or at least once every two months for lighter soil.

When you ride with the AirFlex Cinch, keeping your cinch clean is quick and easy. Simply follow these 5 steps and you’ll have an Airflex Cinch that’s clean and ready to go for every ride.

  1. Remove excess dirt and debris from the cinch’s airflow channels using a bristle brush or a hoof pick.
  2. Remove the AirFlex Cinch’s proprietary cool flex foam liner from the nylon webbing.
  3. Spray down the cinch with antibacterial soap and water.
  4. Reattach the cool flex foam liner to the nylon webbing
  5. Enjoy your next ride with confidence!

The Best Cleanser for Your Horse Cinch

We recommend avoiding harsh detergents and chemicals when cleaning your AirFlex Cinch, as this can damage its materials. Our go-to choice for cleaning horse cinches including AirFlex is our eZall® Total Body Wash Green. Available in a convenient 32 oz. travel size, this plant-based formula from eZall® loosens and rinses away dirt with ease.

The easy-clean AirFlex Cinch is popular with riders from a wide range of disciplines. It’s white cool flex foam doesn’t absorb heat like black neoprene and its specially-designed molded airflow channels offer breathability, keeping your horse cool and comfortable with every ride.

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