5 Reasons to Look for Shock-Absorbing Features in Your Horse’s Saddle Pad

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5 Reasons to Look for Shock-Absorbing Features in Your Horse’s Saddle Pad

Horseback riding and saddle pad selection go hand in hand. One of the top things to keep in mind when selecting the best saddle pad is the pad’s ability to effectively absorb and dissipate shock. A shock-absorbing saddle pad helps protect both horse and rider from the impact of the animal’s movement.

Shock-Absorbing Saddle Pads

You + Your Horse + Riding = Shockwaves

So, what exactly happens when you ride your horse? As your horse moves, a series of shockwaves are created that travel up the animal’s body and into your seat. These shockwaves have the potential to cause discomfort or injury. A saddle pad built using shock-absorbing materials helps to reduce the impact of these shockwaves, making every ride more comfortable for you and your horse.

Benefits of Selecting the Right Saddle Pad

No matter your equestrian discipline, a saddle pad is an essential piece of equipment. Whether you ride for recreation or competition, you’ll discover the right saddle pad makes all the difference! Following are five of the top reasons to look for shock-absorbing materials in your horse’s saddle pad:

  1. Comfort
    For Horse: A shock-absorbing saddle pad helps prevent pressure points on your horse’s back. If your horse has a sensitive back or is prone to saddle sores, it’s imperative to select a pad that will evenly distribute the weight of both the rider and the saddle while also absorbing shock. This helps reduce the risk of discomfort, soreness and possible injury to your horse’s back.
    For Rider: The same shock-absorbing properties that benefit your horse also enhance your comfort in the saddle. From shorter training sessions to longer trail rides, the right pad makes for a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.
  2. Protection
    Since Western saddles tend to be heavier, it’s important to have a quality saddle pad to act as a buffer between the saddle and your horse’s back. Shock-absorbing materials help to disperse shockwaves and help keep your horse’s back and spine protected.
  3. Balance & Stability
    Riding your horse involves many stops, turns, and quick changes of direction. A shock-absorbing saddle pad can help give you a more secure, balanced seat. Feeling more secure in the saddle translates into an elevated sense of connection to your horse and an improved riding experience.
  4. Injury Prevention
    For both you and your horse, shock absorption is key in helping prevent injuries. A shock-absorbing saddle pad reduces the impact to your horse’s back and your body, minimizing pressure points and potential injuries.
  5. Reduced Wear & Tear
    When pressure is distributed evenly on both your saddle and saddle pad, it reduces wear and tear, extending the life of your horse gear. You’ll save money and get the most out of your equipment.

Shock-Absorbing Materials

With so many saddle pads on the market, it can be a challenge to select the right one for you and your horse. Consider the shock-absorbing properties of materials like EVA sport foamF-1-rated steam pressed merino wool felt, and specially-designed inserts.

  • EVA Sport Foam - Shock-absorbing, ventilated, and lightweight, EVA sport foam inserts like the ones found in the Synergy by Weaver line have proven orthopedic value for both horse and rider. The shock-absorbing capabilities of this type of insert absorb impact from the saddle and transfers it back toward the direction it came from. This transfer of energy means you’ll feel less “bounce” in the saddle and less soreness after hours in the saddle.
Shock-Absorbing Saddle Pads
Shock-Absorbing Saddle Pads
  • Specially-Designed Inserts – Saddle pad manufacturers offer a variety of inserts to meet your horse’s specific needs. Synergy Natural Fit Performance Saddle Pads by Weaver have a specially designed insert shape that creates a pocket for your horse’s back to encourage natural movement and reduce pressure.

Shock-Absorbing Saddle Pads

Carefully evaluating your saddle pad options is well worth your time and effort. When you invest in a pad that offers the right combination of shock absorption and proper fit, you’ll benefit from optimized comfort, safety and performance during every ride.

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