Spring Rainy Season is Here: Guide to Keeping Your Horse Happy and Healthy

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Spring Horse Care

As raindrops dance upon the awakening earth, the spring rainy season beckons, signaling a time of renewal for your cherished horses. Join us in exploring essential tips and trusted products to ensure the health and happiness of your equine companions.


As we welcome the rejuvenating spring season, ensuring the well-being of your horse becomes paramount, especially in unpredictable and rainy weather. Spring turnout season heralds a time of transition for horses, from stabling to pasture, where they can graze and exercise freely. However, with the onset of rainy weather, specific challenges arise that horse owners must address to maintain the health and happiness of their animals.


To optimize the turnout experience for your horses during the spring season, here are three essential tips to implement:


Shelter Access

Providing ample access to shelters during periods of rain is crucial. Horses should have the opportunity to seek refuge and stay dry when the weather turns inclement. Shelter access helps prevent issues like rain rot and ensures that horses remain comfortable and content even during wet conditions.


Rotational Turnout

Implementing rotational turnout is key to preventing overgrazing in specific areas, minimizing mud development, and ensuring a more even ground surface. Rotational turnout allows pastures to recover and regrow, promoting healthier grazing conditions for horses while reducing the risk of injuries caused by uneven terrain.


Foot Care

Regularly checking and cleaning hooves is essential to prevent issues related to wet and muddy conditions. Wet and muddy environments increase the risk of hoof ailments such as thrush and abscesses. Proper foot care involves cleaning hooves thoroughly and ensuring they remain dry to minimize the risk of infection and discomfort for the horse.


To help horse owners navigate the challenges of the spring rainy season, here are some recommended premium products from Weaver Equine:


Grooming Kit

Gear up for spring turnout with our grooming kit, designed to combat mud and dirt. This 7-piece set includes essential tools for maintaining your horse's hygiene and comfort. Encased in a durable nylon tote bag, it offers convenient organization and portability, facilitating grooming sessions throughout the rainy season.

 Grooming Kit


Premium Turnout Rainsheet

Our premium turnout rainsheet will keep your horse dry and comfortable. Made from durable 600-denier octagon design material, it's breathable, waterproof, and ideal for mild weather. Featuring adjustable front closures with snaps for easy on-and-off, it offers maximum protection against rain and wind for your horse's well-being.

 Rain Sheets


eZall® Total Body Wash

Revitalize your horse's coat for spring with eZall® Total Body Wash, a natural cleaner designed to leave skin soft and well-cleaned. Its green formula offers extra cleaning power and a fresh natural scent. No scrubbing needed - dirt loosens and rinses away in minutes, leaving your horse refreshed and rejuvenated.

 eZall® Total Body Wash


Spring turnout season offers numerous benefits for horses, including improved physical health, social interaction, and digestive well-being. Ensure your equine companions enjoy a happy and healthy spring rainy season by providing proper shelter access, practicing rotational turnout, maintaining foot care, and using our recommended products.


Gear up your horse for a happy and healthy spring!


Happy riding!



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