Turquoise Cross: New Collections, Timeless Bond

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Turquoise Cross: New Collections, Timeless Bond

The bond between horse and rider transcends time—a relationship steeped in tradition, trust, and mutual respect. Embracing this legacy, Weaver Equine proudly introduces three inspiring updates to our Turquoise Cross Tack Collection, classically designed to embody the spirit of partnership and friendship between horse and rider.

Floral Buckstitch Collection

Floral Buckstitch

Floral Buckstitch is a testament to Weaver Equine’s reputation for elegance and durability. Crafted from dark-oiled leather with non-rust stainless steel hardware, this collection features an intricate floral carving and turquoise buckstitch, capturing timeless beauty.

  • The Floral Buckstitch Browband and Sliding Ear Headstalls are a true reflection of equestrian elegance. Their dark-oiled leather, delicate floral carving, and turquoise buckstitch offer equal parts refinement and reliability. The Sliding Ear Headstall is designed for ease of adjustment and maximum comfort. These top-of-the-line designer headstalls ensure a secure and comfortable fit for your horse, allowing you to ride with confidence and grace.

Floral Tooled Collection

Floral Tooled Collection

From the arena to the trails, the Turquoise Cross Floral Tooled Collection offers a harmonious blend of style, paying homage to tradition and strength while taking your riding experience to new heights.

  • The 2" Floral Tooled Contoured Breast Collar provides unparalleled support and stability for your horse. Crafted with light-oiled leather adorned with intricate basketweave tooling and ornate floral carving, this breast collar showcases the collection's dedication to excellence.


Cactus Tooled Collection

Cactus Collection

Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Southwest, the Turquoise Cross Cactus Tooled Collection captures the essence of frontier adventure.

  • The Cactus Tooled Contoured Breast Collar, tapering from 2" to 1-3/4", personifies strength and resilience while guaranteeing peak performance and durability. Crafted from light-oiled leather with a hand-painted finish and adorned with intricate cactus carvings, it will imbue your horse with a distinctive charm.


  • You can also discover the essence of the Southwest in our expertly crafted Cactus Tooled headstalls. The Cactus Tooled Browband Headstall embodies the rugged beauty of the region. The Sliding Ear Headstall ensures longevity without compromising comfort. Experience our unmatched style and reliability, envisioning rugged desert mystique as you ride through any landscape.


  • Complete your Cactus Tooled look by adding a touch of authenticity and charm with the artfully fashioned Ladies’ Spur Straps.

Centuries ago, riders adorned themselves and their horses with the revered turquoise stone as a symbolic gesture, signifying safety, health, and surefootedness. Turquoise Cross by Weaver Equine transcends mere tack; it stands as a tribute to the enduring partnership between horse and rider— a steadfast promise for the journey ahead.

As you embark on your next riding adventure, let Turquoise Cross be your inspiration, and enjoy a tried-and-true symbol of the trust and friendship between you and your horse.

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