The Importance of Diligence in Horsemanship & Everyday Life

The Importance of Diligence in Horsemanship & Everyday Life

The Apostle Paul told us to work diligently to show ourselves approved workmen, worthy of our hire. Diligence is something in our everyday life that determines whether we accomplish what we started out to do or not.

I think sometimes young people fail to realize how important that diligence is. Actually, not just young people…we ALL fail to realize it sometimes.

We cannot get where we are going if we do not simply apply ourselves. I tell my kids all the time, both my own children and those that come to ride with me, nothing is going to just happen for you. The truth is people in motion typically achieve their goals. If we just sit around in the kitchen and think “gosh this is what I want to do”, but we don’t get up and diligently study and work, we will never be at that point where we are workmen worthy of our hire. That is a fact, it is a fact in everything we do in life.

If your dreams are to be achieved you have to demonstrate faith in going to get it, while applying yourself diligently.

As you focus on your horsemanship goals, remember the importance of the character trait of diligence.

Until Next Time, May God Bless the Trail You Ride ~Ken McNabb